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Written by:  Fahzbehn
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  February 18, 2015




Two college students release a great evil unto the world: Lilith, a succubus determined to enslave the world. They are given powers over body and mind and charged with stopping her. With Xore’s ability to control minds and Emily’s ability to change a person’s body, will they be able to defeat Lilith or will they fall pray to their own lusts and desires?

Official Publisher's Review

With several titles under his belt, this marks Fahzbehn’s first foray into writing scripts for comics books. While normally a short story author, this was Fahzbehn’s first story written with our comic audiences in mind and won’t be the last. Much like his other stories, this is a tongue in cheek tale with a dash of humor and irony, plenty of BE, AG, and fun.