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Master PC: Ordinary People

#2: Master PC: Ordinary People

Master PC: Ordinary People
Written by:  William Pratt
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  February 6, 2019


Age Rating



So what does a guy in his mid thirties do with Master PC? Turns out it’s pretty much the same stupid things a teenager would. Foot-long dick with irresistible seductive powers? Check. Turn his wife-or-girlfriend into a hot-bodied sex-toy? Check. Wake up in bed with his yoga-loving fresh-from-high-school neighbor? Check.
So now Mark’s at home with his superbabe wife happily sleeping off getting her brains screwed out, the hot teen from next door is sucking on his dick like it’s candy, and the computer that made all of this possible is still at work and sooner or later IT will replace it with a newer model.
Hurry Mark, you have only a short time before your life as you knew it is over and you’re stuck with a hot wife half your age, a dick that inflames any woman with uncontrollable desire, and… And that doesn’t sound all that bad. Take your time.

Official Publisher's Review

Bill Pratt brings back JR Parz’s Master PC with the second chapter of a new story about people who are not so hormone-addled and stupid. Or at least that what Bill had hoped. Turns out they were still pretty stupid, and now Mark’s life is more like a porno than the average office worker.
If Mark wants to get his life back to normal, he better get to the computer before anyone else does. But first he has to deal with the tease next door, a traffic cop, and a bitchy boss.