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Master PC: Ordinary People

#3: Master PC: Ordinary People

Master PC: Ordinary People
Written by:  William Pratt
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  March 6, 2019


Age Rating



So far Mark has done what just about anyone would do with Master PC at their disposal: Had sex with every hot bodied female he’s encountered. But he’s made a few mistakes, too. Like leaving Tanya unattended in his cubicle with orders to protect the computer. Of course to a teenager that means find out what’s so important about the computer. And that means now Tanya can do whatever she wants with reality.

Fortunately what Tanya wants is pretty simple. Bigger boobs. A hotter body. Maybe some of that jumbo-dick goodness that her best friend Dale gets from Mark. But, like, not from Mark. Stealing your best friend’s husband is, like, NOT ok, you know? But here comes that IT guy Mark was worried about and Tanya has the tools to turn him into her ultimate Ken doll…

Official Publisher's Review

Grown ups couldn’t have all the fun it seems, and now Mark has left Tanya alone with Master PC and Tanya is bored… And horny.
So while Mark is busy boffing his boss, Tanya is giving herself a magical Barbie doll make-over with the help of Master PC. She’s fixing her hair. Her legs. Her Boobs. More boobs. Bit more boobs. She’s even giving herself her own personal Ken doll… Well, at least she’s keeping the IT guy away from the computer like Mark asked.