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Remote Chance

#2: Remote Chance

Remote Chance
Written by:  William Pratt
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  September 12, 2018


Age Rating



The big game is on, but Neil’s found a bigger game: The bubbly, busty, and thoroughly hentai Madison. Yes, the old Madison was annoying, sharp as a knife and more than happy to burst anyone’s bubble, but New Madison… Well let’s say she’s doing better than New Coke did. She’s going to be very popular.

Madison is more than interested in helping Neil try out the remote and has some experiments of her own. Like what would happen if Sailor Moon met the Incredible Hulk? What if you threw a two-foot-long dick into the mix? What if… Madison has read a lot of manga, seen a lot of different Japanese and American cartoons and has a lot of what ifs to work through.

Wow. Hope Neil can keep up.

Official Publisher's Review

Like a genie’s lamp, the Polyversal Remote Control can be used for a lot of different things. You can have a lot of fun with a device that can rearrange reality and fit in a pocket. Mind you that kind of bulge in a pocket leads to some very predictable questions. Questions that you can answer with a Polyversal Remote Control. No. It’s not a Banana. Are those balloons under your shirt? Ka-BLIMP!

But to get back on topic, Bill Pratt would like to show you the creativity a smart girl can bring to the porn comics game. Even with the body and sexual desires of one, Madison’s no bimbo. Now that she’s a slut, there are all sorts of things she’s wanted to try out. And the remote control makes it all too easy.



  • bill

    Unlikely to happen. I’ve never been able to figure out erotic giantess, mini or otherwise, fiction. It’s just not my thing.

  • Bacchus

    Can someone clarify if the description means a sailor scout turns into a musclebound hulk, who then grows a two foot long dick, or if it literally means a sailor scout meets a hulk (who has a two foot long dick)? Description is a bit confusing, but I’m assuming it’s the latter?

  • kong

    I wish he/she use that remote at some Milfs and make them Huge mini giantesses ;)