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Seduction Technology

#3: Seduction Technology

Seduction Technology
Written by:  DeLonge
Illustrated by:  Dildo T. Baggins
Release date:  April 12, 2019

Every year Malcolm is stuck volunteering at his university’s “Parent Day Event” greeting possible new students and providing them with helpful information. But this year’s event couldn’t have come at a worse time, plaguing Malcolm with worry as Wendy remains on the run with the precious laser gun. Inevitably, Malcolm’s concerns ring true as he witnesses all of the mothers transform, no doubt because of the laser gun’s effects. They all start to grow busty and huge! Creating havoc, the milfs capture Malcolm and hold him hostage, leaving him helpless in an erotic battle for both his freedom and good name. And to make matters even worse, it seems the laser gun’s not quite finished with him personally yet, making his manhood swell to ungodly proportions. At least it’ll provide him with a weapon against the hungry mothers.

Official Publisher's Review

In this third installment of the “Seduction Technology” series, Malcolm finds his life getting increasingly complicated. In just a few short days, it seems his routine existence has flipped upside down, leaving everything (including his reputation) at risk. His ex-girlfriend, Wendy, remains at large with his family’s sexual laser gun, capable of turning anyone into a sex-crazy bimbo. Who would have figured that things could get so strange so quickly? As he remains fraught with worry, forced to work at his University’s annual “Parent Day Event” it seems he can’t catch a break as a horde of MILFS transforms into busty bimbos, creating havoc and capturing Malcolm for their own self-pleasure. Can he escape? Will he be able to relocate and capture Wendy before she does any real damage? How could things get any more surreal for poor Malcolm? Find out in this 3rd issue of Seduction Technology.



  • kong

    Good work, but I was hope all MILFs grow to at least 10ft tall ;)