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Sociopathic Tendencies

#3: Sociopathic Tendencies

Sociopathic Tendencies
Written by:  Fahzbehn
Illustrated by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  May 18, 2018


Age Rating



After Denise Brown disappeared, her ex-boyfriend and former partner in the police force, Lyon, convinces his superiors that the only way that someone could have gotten the drop on her was magical methods. Given a flagged report about a strip club with someone matching a far bustier version of Denise, he sends Heidi to investigate. Heidi finds James using potions to turn women into bimbos and infiltrates the strip club, claiming to be an exhibitionist and wanting huge tits.

Official Publisher's Review

A new chapter in the well received Sociopathic series, someone is on to our impractical magician.  Much like many of Fahzbehn’s stories, there’s plenty of growth and steamy action.  Will Heidi prove to be a bigger problem than James realizes?  Will Lyon get revenge?  Will James find a way to take over more than just a strip club?  Find out inside!