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Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile

#3: Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile

Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile
Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  November 16, 2018


Age Rating



Victoria has some explaining to do. After short-circuiting her phone in a rain puddle, she and the girls at Atomic Mobile are larger than life. It’s up to Alan, the tech support guy to fix this whole situation, but is he man enough to handle the task? Will the girls ever fit in the same group photo again? The answers and more, in the conclusion to Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile!

Official Publisher's Review

Everything has gotten out of control for Victoria and the girls at Atomic Mobile! Now in possession of gigantic curves, their proportions are exaggerated beyond belief. Victoria is desperate to return them all to their normal selves before the big corporate visit, but the clock is ticking. This issue starts with a fun flashback that shows just how the girls found themselves in possession of such extreme curves. Tasked with repairing Victoria’s phone, Alan finds that sometimes you can’t fix everything. xCuervos delivers a satisfying conclusion to this chapter, with a hint at stories to come!



  • dudedudeicoff

    This issue has convinced me to stop buying BESC content. Each issue was insanely anemic, and the series goes into an utterly random nose-dive.

    • xcuervos

      Author here, I’m sorry to hear you haven’t been enjoying this series, since I really tried to put some serious thought into the story and characters. I’m surprised to hear that your thought it seemed random. Is there anything specific about the series that you don’t enjoy (without spoilers of course)? Feedback is always helpful!

      • dudedudeicoff

        I know this is smut, but even a basic narrative has a setup, conflict, a clinax, and a resolution. This story’s problem is that it just ends with everyone deciding the problem isn’t a problem over the course of four pages. I would go on, but Im already embarrassed that I spent money on this. God forbid I try to turn BESC into a literary workshop. I’m probably in the minority in caring about this sort of thing though. If it’s making money, what do I know?

  • ShutterNelson19

    These are always such a treat to read! Wonderful stuff!