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Spells R Us: Stolen Reflections

#1: Spells R Us: Stolen Reflections

Spells R Us: Stolen Reflections
Written by:  xCuervos
Illustrated by:  Peter Logan
Colored by:  Eros Studio
Release date:  November 2, 2018


Age Rating



The cops are hot on the trail of Harris and Mike, who have just botched a small heist. Their stolen car took them as far as the mall, but now they have nowhere to hide! With the police searching every inch of the building, the thieves find themselves using a set of magic mirrors found inside a familiar shop. Will their disguises fool the lawmen? How are they going to explain themselves to the local crimelord? And most importantly, is there any going back?

Official Publisher's Review

Stolen Reflections introduces us to the next two unsuspecting characters who find themselves in xCuervos’ Spells R Us Universe. Harris and Mike are up to no good and their crime spree is going to take a turn they never expected. Stolen Reflections delivers everything we have come to expect from xCuervos’ Spells R Us Mall, but delivered in a fun and surprising way.



  • ShutterNelson19

    Another great issue from xCuervos! This series has been absolutely wonderful, full of transformations and cross-overs. Can’t wait to see what happens next! Will there possibly be a collector’s set in the future?

  • ICantBelieveIveSunkThisLow

    I love that you’re creating this shared universe for Spells R Us, but are we getting a conclusion to Spells R Us: Pin Up or Spells R Us: Atomic Mobile anytime soon? I ask only because I noticed Cherie On Top seemingly spoiled the ending of Atomic Mobile and I would hate for some of these newer Spells R Us stories unintentionally spoiling those earlier stories.

  • snakebit1995

    Always wanted to see a gender bender take on here, and love more depth to the spell r us universe, there are like 6 stories in it now.

    Though I do hope one or two get concluded soon so that 1. We can see how it ends, and 2. This is a lot of stories and timelines to keep straight

    • xcuervos

      I’m glad you’re enjoying my stories! I’ve been writing them as modular series, so while each is self-contained, there is always just a little bit of overlap.

      SRU: Pin Up will have 5 issues total, so it’s the closest to being concluded so far. I agree that it’s a lot to keep track of, and I have lots of notes to help while I’m writing. I could post a general outline or character list to my Deviantart account to help everyone see the connections.

      I’ve been careful to make sure you don’t have to read all the series to get a complete story. Each series stands on its own. In the end though, I think having an interconnected world is rewarding for those readers who stick with me and see all the little (and BIG!) references I make along the way!

      • fatcheeks

        fuck yeah, i was afraid SRU: pin up wouldn’t continue since its been a while since the last issue and new SRU spin off have come out
        real question is; i’ve been following your’s and Peter logan for years, weight gain is something kinda new for you guys, do you think you will work with this kink more in the future?

        • xcuervos

          I think plenty of authors would be happy to write more weight gain scenes and stories, myself included. There are a few ways you can help get this kink realized: upvote and comment on the stories you enjoy that have it, write a forum post, and write/upvote weight gain story pitches on the Ideas page.
          Thanks for being a fan!

          PS: if I get to write more issues of Stolen Reflections, you can be sure there will be some weight gain involved!