Nerd Science

by bill

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It’s 1982. College students Harold and Clayton step out of a movie theater discussing how Savik is the perfect woman, smart and has a body that’ll never quit, when a flying slurpee to the side of Harold’s head announces the arrival of the Wrath of Ken. You see, Harold and Clayton are Nerds. They play D&D, anxiously await the third Star Wars Film, tinker with computers, and they are about to build a device that records, edits, and alters reality.

Meanwhile… Their TA Isaac just failed his thesis defence because the panel refused to look past the unfortunate side effect of his research: The female participants all grew enormous breasts. To a man who will one day be the greatest scientist in human history, this is quite a blow, but the panel will pay for their blindness. Oh yes. Vengeance will be his.

Meanwhile… The college’s award-winning Cheerleading squad is headed for upset as Missy unleashes her Machiavellian plot to unseat her rival Chrissy and steal Cissy’s boyfriend, Ken.

And a madman stalks the campus with a ray gun that transforms women into busty and mindless bimbos.