Now Accepting Applications for Test Subjects!

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A pair of guys are enjoying their night at a bar, when a girl with unbelievable hourglass proportions walks in. She seats herself at the bar, drawing everyone’s attention. Her breasts take up most of the counter in front of her, and her butt is so large that it hangs off her bar stool. One of the guys works up the courage to talk to her and is surprised when it goes well enough to get invited back to her place!

Soon after arriving at her house, and during an intense lovemaking session, she restrains him and injects a mysterious liquid into his neck. While he’s trying to process what just happened, she explains that she is a scientist from a chemistry lab and is always on the hunt for test subjects. Her work is what gave her the monstrous curves that she proudly flaunts. While she’s explaining herself, our hero finds that he is doing some growing of his own!