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A story full of breasts, ass and penis enlargement.

James “The Captain” is an old legend of porn movies. His charms and good shape are part of the past, as are his fans who no longer follow him.

With no place in the new industry, he must stay in the only producer that accepts him: Maggie X.

Maggie X is also his ex-wife who in revenge for having broken up with her for Nevada (his new girlfriend), only gives him secondary roles and always under the shadow of Freddy “The Bigger”, the new revelation porn star, not for his charms but for his huge dong.

To complete his revenge, Maggie X makes sure that Nevada does all the hardcore scenes with Freddy, and James starts to believing that Nevada is falling in love with Freddy, again, not for his charms but for his huge dong.

Desperate to recover the lost success and his girlfriends heart, James starts to make desperate decisions. He steals a new formula from his friend Alan, that is able to enlarge any part of the human body where it is injected, for a brief period.

But before enjoying his new stardom, he will have to deal with the consequences of the formula when the rest of the cast discovers it.

Idea by: Guido Barsi.