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Cruise Controlled

Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Release date:  January 22, 2013


Age Rating



For Amanda, going on a cruise ship for 6 days was the least preferred way to loosen up and relax. However, her older and wilder sister Nicole is determined to show the younger girl that being around a crowd is not necessarily a bad thing. She also is in full support that guys, contrary to Amanda’s long standing beliefs, are not the source of all her problems.

After some drunken persuasion over wine coolers one night, Nicole drags Amanda to an adult trance midnight showing with the mysterious Master Grey. Once she has volunteered her younger and far bustier sister for the performance, everything begins spinning out of control.

Master Grey convinces Amanda that her breasts are still growing, getting larger and larger, and that the only way to stop them is for Amanda to have sex with every guy on board the ship before the cruise ends. Naturally, it’s all for the amusement of the crowd and mostly Nicole. But what will happen when he tells Nicole a simple action that will break the suggestion from her sister’s mind, one she just can’t quite perform?

In the end, both Nicole and Amanda might just find themselves Cruise Controlled.—–