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Spell Sioux

Spell Sioux

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Written by:  J.J. McQuade
Release date:  December 11, 2013




Deadwood is a town in South Dakota where coexist the deep crime and corruption with some souls seeking salvation right through the hard work. In this context is performed the vengeance of a young Sioux girl, whose only crime was falling in love with a white man. Unjustly accused of being a prostitute, she was banished from Deadwood by intolerant women, and supposedly virtuous. She will return for revenge and she will show to Deadwood women how to be a real silly prostitute. She will not be alone in this struggle. The Man with No Name will be with her.

Official Publisher's Review

On this occasion the author J. J. McQuade, offers a western. Filled with quaint references dramatic nuances and details typical of a Western style lover.