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Trance-tory Takeover

Trance-tory Takeover

Written by:  Kris P. Kreme
Release date:  March 6, 2013


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The mysterious and powerful Trance-tory Industries has slipped by under the radar, becoming one of the most powerful corporate entities in the world, integrating themselves into daily life for millions of consumers. There is barely a home around that doesn’t feature a Trance-tory product or service and the time has finally come for the takeover to happen.

Victor Hawthorne, man behind the Trance-tory success is unleashing the ultimate plan, the motto of his company coming true as they provide and conquer. As Victor sees it if sex sells, then controlling sex will control the consumer and that will be the most dominant takeover in corporate history.

The plan unfolds in stages, and stage one is telecommunications, where we follow one girl’s journey from innocent and sweet to perverse and nasty, all by way of some seemingly simple signal tests on her cell phone over the course of a number of nights. Stage one is only the beginning, and if what happens to sweet Megan is a sign of coming success, Trance-tory will be taking over in no time.

Official Publisher's Review

From Kris P. Kreme comes a classic story concept made epic that will only grow in how diverse and perverse mind control can really become. The Trance-tory concept was originally in short stories where the author introduced us to a mysterious company offering everything from toasters to home services. Now, he dives in and tells the story behind the products, introducing us to the mystery men behind Trance-tory, taking us to the secret world headquarters located, and then bringing us into their plans to dominate the corporate world like no company ever has.

The story ranges from corporate secrets and massive scale worldwide threats all the way down to the more intimate and closely told tales of individuals and how they change as a result of this takeover. The pacing is slow and steady, the mind control stretched out just enough to better taste the changes, to see what happens when innocent people are caught in the Trance-tory net.

As is typical of the author, humor, action, and even a slight bit of potential horror are merged carefully into one mix where the reader can either join in with the chaos and watch the characters such as a girl named Megan fall, or feel bad for Megan’s plight and wonder what Trance-tory might be planning next. With Trance-tory Takeover, the mind control methods are as diverse as the characters, this first section beginning in telecommunications and using cell phone signals to change much more than just reception.



  • bbt30

    If you buy one series on here it should be this one. Like others have pointed out it gets progression right. It’s not about DING suddenly a bookish chaste girl instantly becomes a slut it’s all about their defenses being broken down little by little.

    It’s also a series where I don’t feel there are any wasted issues. Each one is enjoyable and I go back to random issues regularly. This series for the most part gets bimboization right. It’s about making women who were once chaste into total sluts (usually with decreased intelligence).

    The character design is also great especially on issues 4-6 where each girl looks very different so when they are turned into sluts you can see all types of women become bimbos. Diversity is really important in this genre because in some comics there is a lot of issues where each character looks the same with maybe a little different hair. Having very different designs gives variety and everyone will have their favorites (mine is either the girl with small boobs who gets felt up or the chick with bushy red hair).

    Getting the whole series is worth it if you are into this fetish. I have read it so many times at this point, you will get your moneys worth and hopefully influence creators to make more like this.

  • butterflyscott

    all time fave by far have loved the progression and ending of each part I am dyinggg to see how the next one goes

  • ding_dong

    I enjoyed this comic. I hope the next parts get even better.

  • sikho

    Agreed, this is right on point. Nice work.

  • Zuralistic

    Wonderful comic! This is the exact sort of story I’d like to see more comics do. Cant wait for the next!

  • xarinth

    Highly enjoyed this one, can’t wait to see where it goes from here!